Truffle omelette

Ingredients: 70 grams sweet black truffle 4 eggs olive oi How to prepare: Cut the black truffle in […]

Truffled pheasant

Truffled pheasant Ingredients: 1 Pheasant black olives truffle ham butter bouillon How to prepare: Pheasant must become high […]


Pan-fry thinly minced garlic, fennel and mint in olive oil then add boiled garagoj, salt, pepper, white wine, […]

Fish “Rustita”

Fish “Rustita” Ingredients: Fish as you like; Grated bread; Salt; Pepper; Oil; Parsley; Garlic; Lemon; How to prepare: […]

Fanese “Brodetto”

RECIPE Fish (1 mazzola, 1 prawn, 1 shrimp, 2 soles, 1 baraccola, 1 monkfish, 1 suasa, 1 boccaincava) […]

Extra-Virgin olive oil of Cartoceto

Extra-Virgin olive oil of Cartoceto One of the best known products of Marche is the extra-virgin olive oil, […]