Motorcycle routes

Motorcycle routes

gola del furlo

“Motorcycle itinerary between coast and hinterland.”

  • Departure from Fano towards Marotta and Mondolfo, with seafront passage. Itinerary continues toward Mondavio, with possibility to visit the majestic Rocca Roveresca, fortress built in 1482-1492. If not tired, we recommend to go ahead towards Pergola in order to visit the famous Gilded Bronze Museum, unique group of gilded bronze remaining from the roman age.
  • During the second day, itinerary aims towards the wonderful hinterland. Directed to Furlo, you could ride your bike through a charming natural path that will take you to Gola del Furlo, a real paradise crossed by Candigliano river, that passes through rock faces and a rich floristic area.
  • During the third day you will admire the city of Urbino and visit its majestic Ducal Palace, wanted by Duke Federico from Montefeltro, and Marche National Gallery.This itinerary can be closed with a visit to a farm, with tasting of wine and oil and observing production procedures.
  • After breakfast, before your departure, you can visit the historic centre of Fano, with its roman origins.

Recommended season: spring – summer – autumn;

Duration: 4 days/3 nights;

Hotel***: Bed and Breakfast

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