Carnival of Fano

Carnival of Fano

Carnival of Fano



Carnival is the most important manifestation of the popular culture of the City of Fano, of Marche Region and of Central Italy.

The first document that talks about it dates back to 1347.
Since then, the carnival has been a time of celebration, of transgression, of popular amusement implemented in different ways and forms through the centuries.
During the year the skilled Masters Carristi of Fano create with their passionate work majestic and colorful characters of papier – mache, which placed on the parade float along the streets of the city prepared for the event, accompanied by music and masks of all sorts .
The characters, remaining secret until the opening of the Carnival, are parodies and jokes of the major current events.
The throw from the floats of tons of sweets on the public is one of the main attractions of the Carnival of Fano both for youngest either for elderly. Indeed a cascade of fireworks concludes the festival of colors and lights of every parade. Every year tens of thousands of people participate in the parades that are divided into three events, three Sundays and Mardi Gras, everything ends with the burning of the Pupo, personification of the Carnival in XX Settembre Square with the best wishes for a prosperous year, reminiscence of purification rites of the past.                                                                                                                                                               It is an appointment rich and funny you cannot certainly miss.

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