Marche wines

Marche wines


vini marchigiani

Marche is rich of typical and tasty delicacies and in this table good wine cannot miss.
Throughout the region there is a varied wine production, there are many wineries and vineyards you can endorse and also where you can enjoy a good glass of wine surrounded by hills. The most famous wines of the area are certainly Bianchello del Metauro and Rosso Pergola.

Bianchello, named for the type of grape called “biancame”, is produced in the hinterland of Fano and Pesaro, along the strip of land lying between the Adriatic Sea and the river Metauro, is a white wine fresh and light ideal to combine with fish and seafood or white meat. Stories related to this wine were already told in ancient times: it is said that in 207 BC Carthaginian soldiers led by Hasdrubal, on the eve of the battle of Metauro against the Romans, got drunk drinking this wine and the next day they lost their battle because of the hangover.



Festivals where you can taste the Bianchello del Metauro:

  • The Show-market Bianchello in Saltara June 22;
  • The prize of Donkey held in July in Mercatello Metauro, a week of parties, dinners and entertainment where you can enjoy many local specialties;
  • The Feast of Bianchello in Montemaggiore al Metauro, every year towards the end of June;
  • The exhibition market in Cartoceto Oil;
  • The Festival of Garagoj Marotta April 25.

Rosso Pergola has recently obtained d.o.c certification (2005), it is a red ruby wine that can be tasted as a red, a new (novello) or a “passito” wine. The wine must be from grapes of Pergola, Serra sant’Abbondio, Fratterosa and San Lorenzo in Campo. The red and the novello can be combined with cold cuts and cheese platter, while passito, sweet and full-bodied, is perfect with cakes and biscuits.

vini marchigiani

Furthermore, we cannot forget Colli Pesaresi, d.o.c. wine of northern Marche, in Montefeltro, from Gabicce to Fano: a white wine that enhances white meat and fish appetizers.
Last but not least, Vino di Visciole (Sour cherry wine), obtained by maceration of cherry sour in sugar. This wine with intense red colour and strong flavor with slightly bitter aftertaste is produced in Cantiano, Pergola and Sassocorvaro, and is also called “courtship elisir”: popular legends say this wine is particularly appreciated by women, for its intense smell, its mellow lightly sparkling taste.
This dessert wine is perfect with fruit cakes, biscuits and typical Marche “ciambellone”.

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