The Sea and the Beaches

The Sea and the Beaches

lidoAlong the coastline that stretches from Fano to Marotta there are over 20 miles of mainly sandy beaches, mostly characterized by shallow and safe backdrops. Thanks to their characteristics of cleanliness, tranquillity and organization the beaches represent an ideal place for family holidays, with a children-friendly environment. Fully equipped bathing resorts alternate with stretches of free shores, in order to live summer with maximum freedom of choice.



Torrette and Marotta
Lying at the south of Fano, this is where you can live the charme of quiet and relax.
Torrette is characterized by very fine sand, while the ancient fishing village of Marotta is a lively seaside environment and offers a largely sandy beach that winds down to the Cesano river: these are nearly 10 miles of beach where restaurants, bars and pubs blend with the local culture and maritime traditions. Both offer numerous recreational facilities on the sea and restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish.

It has are two beaches separated from the docks of the harbor: to the west lies the LIDO with fine golden sand, while to the east belongs the SASSONIA with round and polished pebbles and protected spaces with sand for children, along with inviting gardens and pools. The southern coast of Fano also splits in Torrette, Ponte Sasso and Metaurilia. In Fano is also both a fishing port, lively and characteristic, and a touristic, modern and fully equipped one: the port of Marina dei Cesari.

Lido di Fanoporto fano
The historic beach of Fano, much loved by young people and families for its golden sand and gentle seabed, extends between the west pier of the Marina and the torrent Arzilla. By day, the beach is filled with sports and fun thanks to many equipped bathing establishments. The choice is between basking in the sun or enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing or sailing, or staying on the beach with friends playing beach volleyball, soccer or beach tennis. In the evening, the Lido becomes the center of the summer movida thanks to many local restaurants and kiosks on the beach where you can dine, enjoy a drink and dance barefoot on the sand until dawn.

Marina dei Cesari
The touristic harbor of Fano certainly deserves to be visited and lived, extending a few steps from the center of Fano. This new and modern dock collects cultural activities, shops, restaurants and nightlife. Also impressive and exciting is the Walk of Lysippos , a mile-long scenic walk directly overlooking the sea and joining the port of Fano to the beach of Sassonia.



Did you know that …

Furthermore, cyclists can enjoy a long bit of Adriatic “Ciclovia”: as many as 12 miles of bike path that connects Fano to Pesaro along the coast, proceeding in parallel to the highway.

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