Fano’s Moretta

Fano’s Moretta


To fully understand this special coffee accurately, you must go back 90, maybe 100 years trying to dive with your fantasy to vest the role of a fisherman from Fano, at the time when fishing was a primary resource for the city.
Imagine how hard this job was then, more than nowadays, as the engines in the boats were beginning to make their first appearance but they were not like those of today, and of course there were no winches, and fishing nets were harvested by hand, with the help of cranks.
You would get up at night, at about 4 am and, before leaving for the sea, you would need something strong, able to heat more than the coffee mocha would do. Often then fishermen added to the moka coffee a nice ‘correzione’, (literally ‘correction’, an addition to the beverage that many do even today with anisette) of the strongest liquor available, so that even the bottom of a few bottles of rum or cognac would fit the bill.

Today the original recipe of this drink (which remains secret in the details and precise doses) probably born from a seafaring habit combines anisette, rum and brandy in a shot glass with a little sugar, to heat in the steam dispenser of the coffee machine, adding a small lemon peel. Then the Espresso is poured inside the glass making sure to tilt it in order not mix everything but to keep the three characteristic layers visibly divided: the lower contains the transparent liquor, the center shows the coffee and in upper the creamy coffee foam.

From 2006, the Fanese Moretta officially figures in the cocktail list of the AIBES (Italian Barman and Supporters Association) and in 2011 it was added to the list of food products of regional tradition from Marche, extending its long list of delicacies and constituting a further reason to visit our beautiful region.

Nowadays the Moretta can be savoured at any time, even and especially in the evening after a nice abundant dinner of fish, as an excellent closing. You can enjoy it at any bar or restaurant in Fano, but also enjoy the moretta tiramis├╣, moretta chocolate, moretta ice cream, and decaffeinated moretta.

Did you know that …
If after tasting moretta you discover that you cannot do without it anymore, you would like to know that you can now buy the preparation for the original Fanese moretta and take it home with you as a tasty memory, or you can also find tasty moretta-flavoured cakes and chocolates.

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